Monday, October 30, 2006

I'm off the coast of Townsville on an island called Magnetic Island. The sun is extremely hot and on the beach yesterday, we could barely move. Later after some pool time, we went on a nature walk and saw 4 Koala bears. One was a baby. I was tempted to climb the trees and pet them,but decided against it on account of the recent and numerous Koala related deaths in the area. I have pictures and have figured out how to attach them finally, but the computer I'm using right now doesn't allow me to attach the camera. You'll have to wait for Koala pictures.

J Stin

Friday, October 27, 2006

Just got back from Cape Tribulation (another rainforest). We're leaving Cairns tonight to go to Townsville. We saw some giant lizards and a crocodile. Met some cool people and drank a few too many nights in a row. Oh, and I went skydiving. It was really surreal, and I didn't actually feel like I was falling at all. The freefall time was 60 seconds (14000 feet) and it seemed even longer...but in a good way. The landing was smooth, and I didn't die, which leads me to believe that I'm invincible. I'm going to go kick a kangaroo in the groin to see what happens. There are also a lot of Koalas in Townsville. I think I'll go provoke them. Untill next Time!

Monday, October 23, 2006

I'm in Cairns Australia and am finally recovering from my numerous fijian injuries and look forward to being able to walk pain free. For around 2 weeks my feet have been pretty badly cut up due to a beach volleyball incident and a fleeing from poisonous water snakes in shallow water over pointy rocks incident. Australia has been good so far. The animals here seem a lot larger than the ones I'm used to. Their crows are the size of human babies and even sound like them. We're going to visit a rainforrest in a couple of days. One of the last things we did in fiji was a rainforrest walk that lead us to various waterfalls, including one with a roap swing over it leading into a deep pool. It was really amazing, and we stayed a little too long. We left as night was falling and the bats started to come out. I've seen bats before, but nothing like this. They were the size of racoons and had the wing span of lets say, a monkey of equal size to a racoon if it were to have had a wing span. They were big and the forrest was swarming with them.
I have to leave now. Must go to a bar and mingle with the ausies.

Friday, October 20, 2006

So, I haven't written anything for a while, but that's ok, cause I never managed to even send out my last post. We leave Fiji tomorrow morning to head to Sydney. For those of you planning a vacation in the future, you should check out this country. Great people, beaches I thought only existed in calendars and movies and tropical forrests. We went island hopping, drank lots of Kava and hung out with the locals, swam with manta rays and expored a water cave and one on land. Yesterday we explorred one of the biggest caves in the world. We were dropped off in the middle of a remote village on the mainland, and the cheif and another guy gave us a private tour via lantern of the cave. Afterwards, the bus didn't come for a while, so we sat and hung out with the chief.
Eariler in the trip, we went snorkling and on different occasions were surrounded by a school of baracudas and surrounded by poisonous sea snakes. We escaped both incidents unscathed, but they were both pretty nerve racking.

Hope everyone at home is doing well. I'll try to write more regularly now that I have access to internet.