Thursday, January 25, 2007

I ran into the homeless court jester I met in Byron Bay a few days ago. He was on the tram heading up to meet some of his Harri Krishna friends. Last I saw him, we were sitting with him in a sketchy park, listening as he attempted to play two wooden flutes simultaneously. It was strange to see him in a new context.
Had one day at work this week where an entire neighbourhood wanted the milk man dead. I've never met so many rude people in my life. I don't know what it was about that area, but people seem to hate milk, milk products and all associated with their distribution. The dogs in the neighbourhood (if you'd even consider them dogs...I'd probably choose the more appropriate term of rabi ridden ghouls from hell) didn't like milk either.
Luckily the following days everyone went back to normal, and nothing tried to kill me.
It's Australia day today. I don't know what that means really. Every day seems like Australia day to me. Mainly due to the fact that I'm surrounded by it.
Cooked me a kangaroo steak the other day. It was pretty good. Tasted a bit like how I'd imagined mad cow would taste...but without the repercussions...I think.

Off to the beach.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Another day, another dollar. Had quite the week knocking on doors, selling milk and being accosted by dogs and countless strange people. The other day I was talking to a Romanian lady who really didn't seem to want free milk and bread delivery. Her dog seemed to want it though. I was petting it to calm it down, but it REALLY wanted the service. So then it pissed on my foot. Instead of freaking out, I decided to use the fact that her dog pissed on me as leverage to make the sale. "KOKA! No Koka! Calm down! *romanian cursing*" The lady finally said, "No, I don't want it", so I said "That's fine. Quick question though. Do you have a garden hose?" "Why you want garden hose?" "For the dog urine on my foot"
So, long story short, I rinsed off my foot with her garden tap. Oh, I was wearing sandals at the time as well.
Later, I was explaining the service to one really large lady who kept agreeing with what I was saying. After every sentence she would say "Yeeaahh." She would stress the eee and drag out the word in the same way and same tone every time. "Yeeaahh" "and the milk is from Warnable" "Yeeaahh" "It's higher in protein and calcium than what you're getting in the grocery store" "Yeeaahh" "and the bread it baked fresh daily-" "Yeeaahh" "and gets to your doorstep 4 hours at most after it's been baked" "Yeeaahh" I went on for a good 3 minutes and she kept saying the same thing in the same crazy tone of voice. At this point I was starting to question whether or not she was fully sane, but I kept on going anyway as she wasn't saying no. "So delivery starts up on the 24th of january in your area" "Yeeaahh". I went through everything with her and started running out of things to say. "'s free delivery, like I cancellation fees or anything like-" suddenly out of nowhere, she broke in with "No thank you I'm actually not interested" This startled me, as I had never heard her say anything that wasn't yeeaahh. "Oh, alright then." My mouth curled into a smile and I bit my lip then I turned around quickly and walked away. I then had a good side splitting laugh for around five minutes.
All in all this seems to be a good job so far. And they treat us well too. Had two free meals with them this week, and loads of free drinks. The people I work with are cool too. Today's my day off. Gonna go do day off things now.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I have 7 minutes left to write this entry, so I'm sorry if it's a bit rushed. Been really busy lately with work. I've taken a job as a milk man. As usual I've chosen the most absurd job I could find. It's actually not bad yet...and I'm not really a full fledged milk man. I more so just promote the milk man by trying to get people to order our products for free home delivery. It doesn't scratch my morals either because it's basically a company that skips the supermarkets, gives cheaper prices, better quality produce and the money goes to the australian farmer as opposed to least I think it's a good company. I may have brainwashed myself due to the numerous repetitions of how great the company is.
Met some crazy people. One lady that bought from me was really high, farted loudly and then made a huge order. Some other people were digging a well in their front yard. I also met a hobbit. He smelled like excrament.
running out of time. Making fairly good money, so I should be able to save some hopefully.

Hope you're all well


Thursday, January 04, 2007

New year was nothing too special, but I can't complain because I was on a beach in Melbourne. Had to break up a fight between Mike and his brother. They were both incredibly drunk and stumbled into our upstairs neighbour's appartment. Mike started thowing chairs, and even smashed one into their front door, leaving a big dent. As I was pushing them out the front door, one of them bumped into a pile of dishes, which made a lot of noise...luckily nothing broke. Got Mike's brother out of the room, then Mike came back in and sat down in one of the residents (who happened to be a massive rugby player) chairs. "Get out of my chair". Mike moved and sat on the arm of the chair. The rugby player didn't like that either, and knocked Mike off with a swift nudge. My friend Elie then hurded Mike out of the room. I remained, but soon got the idea that I wasn't welcome either when they refused to include me in their drinking game. This is probably because I was laughing while I was trying to throw the drunken brothers out of the appartment...and might have helped the situation escalate a bit.
After that, we made it to the beach for fireworks and bad pop music. I accidentally insulted a girl who wanted to dance with me, then ate a hot dog. pretty eventfull night I guess.
The job seach is going alright at the moment. I have two interviews lined up...still might flee inland soon to do some fruit picking. We'll see.
Bought a guitar the other day. That made me happy. Only 94 dollars, so it didn't set me back too badly.
Anyway, going to go enjoy some of the day.
All for now.